Guided site visits

IKEA Bayamón

Thank you for participating in the 2023 technical guided tour.

A group of Refriaméricas attendees had the opportunity to learn about the IKEA project in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
We look forward to seeing you at the guided tour next year.
A group of attendees at the Refriaméricas Congress had the opportunity to participate in a guided tour of IKEA Bayamón, a furniture and home accessories chain where Midea VRF air conditioning systems were installed, a project in which Oldach participated.

During the guided tour, which lasted about 40 minutes, the attendees also had the opportunity to learn about the BMS system installed. This activity was accompanied by a group of Oldach engineers, who were willing to answer any questions and explain details about the machinery installed there.

IKEA Bayamon is located in the former Sears of Santa Rosa Mall, with a showroom of 42,750 square meters, two levels, 7,000 products, a cafeteria area, among other details.
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